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Our transportation solutions are your guarantee of efficiency and reliability. Land transport provides cost-effective deliveries, while overnight services ensure on-time deliveries by the next morning. Our express couriers are available around the clock to handle your urgent shipments. LTL (less-than-truckload) freight is handled with care and delivered on schedule. And with same-day transportation, we meet even your most urgent needs. Count on us to fulfill your transportation requirements professionally and efficiently – around the clock, every day.“

  • Express

As partners of renowned courier systems, we take on the global transportation of your important documents and shipments. From envelopes to pallets, we utilize the right partner for your needs. Leveraging the extensive experience of our dispatchers, we don’t just select the most cost-effective system; we choose the partner with whom we’ve built the best track record over the years! Across the globe! Additionally, we offer you the option of our transport insurance.

  • Land Transport
Land Transport

For imports and exports, we offer you special deliveries around the clock. With minimal lead time, we ensure the swift transportation of your goods. Immediately after you’ve entrusted us with your order, we dispatch a courier driver from our team located in your vicinity. The shipment is picked up at the desired time and delivered directly to the recipient, without any weight or volume restrictions. The price is solely determined by the vehicle used for your order.

  • Overland

Benefit from our years of experience in heavy-duty cargo. With our Overland product, you can enjoy a time- and cost-optimized service for your freight, reliably and securely, across Europe.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

For shipments that are too large for the less-than-truckload segment but don’t fully occupy a truck, we refer to them as less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. We find the optimal space for your LTL shipment and ensure timely delivery to the agreed-upon destination.

Full Truckload (FTL)

Even if your freight fills an entire truck, we offer a tailored solution. We pick up the cargo from your location at the specified time and deliver it to the recipient without any transfers.

  • Overnight
  • Sameday
  • Consolidated Freight
  • Additional Services

Our overnight courier services provide fast and reliable transportation for time-critical shipments overnight, offering a cost-effective alternative to dedicated trips. Timely deliveries at 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM are available throughout Europe, even on weekends. Technical versatility with liftgate delivery and express shipments of up to 4 meters in length. Personal handover, security, online booking, and flexible billing options.


The solution for urgent deliveries. Whether it’s urgent documents, sensitive goods, or life-saving medications, our Sameday option ensures punctual and reliable deliveries. Our services are known for their speed and flexibility. The choice of delivery time and transportation mode is entirely up to you to meet your specific requirements. Rely on Sameday Transport to streamline your delivery processes, meet deadlines, and enhance customer satisfaction. Count on us for dependable and timely deliveries.

Consolidated Freight

We provide a dependable and cost-effective consolidated freight transport service across all of Europe. We have an extensive consolidated freight network and experienced customer service, enabling us to swiftly and safely deliver your goods to their destination.“

Additional Services

Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)

Our expertise in hazardous materials transportation ensures the safe delivery of your dangerous goods. We have trained professionals, specialized equipment, and stringent safety protocols to comply with the strict regulations and requirements for hazmat transportation.

Customs Clearance

Efficient and compliant customs clearance is crucial to ensure the smooth and timely transportation of your goods. To relieve you of this concern and allow you to focus on your core business, our customs department assists with worldwide customs clearance. Our experienced team continually liaises with local and international authorities, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all legal frameworks. This ensures the expedited and hassle-free cross-border transport of your shipments.

Exhibition Services

Global Express Austria has established itself as an expert in road transportation by developing innovative exhibition transport concepts and delivering exhibits securely, reliably, and professionally to their destinations. Whether within Austria, across Europe, or globally, we leverage our global network of exhibition experts who optimize all modes of transportation.

Our tailored exhibition logistics cater to exhibitors, exhibition construction companies, and organizers and include:

  • Worldwide transportation solutions via road, air, and sea
  • Efficient handling of full and empty loads
  • Professional import and export customs clearance
  • Comprehensive transport and exhibition insurance





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