From Renewable Energy to Circular Economy

Emphasis on Sustainable Operations Management and Environmental Conservation

CO2 Transparency and Engagement: Review and Outlook for 2023

Efforts for a Greener Future

Overview of Sustainable Energy Practices and Environmentally Friendly Strategies

The HADOLT Group proudly presents our CO² data for the year 2022 and the forecast for 2023. Our commitment to environmentally friendly operations is at the core of our efforts. Here are some key data points that demonstrate our dedication:

Electricity Consumption:
We rely 100% on eco-friendly electricity sourced from Energy Steiermark, primarily derived from hydropower.

CO² Savings through On-site Power Generation:
With our own power generation of 20.4 kWp and 28.6 photovoltaic systems, we produced 51,628 kWh, resulting in a saving of 43,825 kg of CO² equivalent.

Klagenfurt Location:
At our Klagenfurt site, we also prioritize eco-friendly measures. The heating is supplied through district heating, with over 80% of it generated from biomass, making it CO²-neutral.

We are committed to an environmentally friendly fleet and exclusively acquire vehicles that comply with the current legal emission standards. Our vehicles run on Shell V-Power Premium Diesel, which offers improved fuel combustion and increased corrosion protection.

Waste Management:
Our goal is sustainable waste management. We regularly educate our employees on proper waste collection and separate the waste into various fractions to reduce residual waste costs.

Energy Management:
Our energy consumption and costs are evaluated annually. Thanks to our photovoltaic systems, we achieved CO²-free power generation of 115,263 kWh in 2022, resulting in a saving of 96,994 kg of CO² equivalent.

We take pride in contributing to environmental protection and will continue to work towards improving our ecological footprint. If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact us.





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